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Microscopio proyecció

Telescopio astronómico

The beginnings of what is now Main MultiOpticas back to 1960.

Jaume Comas, native of Montgat, drove in Barcelona with his partner, the Instituto Óptico Técnico Kavex which developed among other projects, the famous telescopes at strategic vantage points throughout Spain and other countries

Making shop Kavex

Kavex design workshop

In 1981, with her daughters Dolores and Mª Angels and with Angel Gilperez, native of Barcelona, as technical director, opened the first store in Montgat, under the name Principal Óptica .

The actual President of la generalitat de Catalunya, Sir Pascual Maragall visited our first store Principal Óptica.

Due to the success, followed Badalona centers in neighborhoods cherished Llefià-La Salut (1982) Lloreda-Sant Crist (1985) and finally in Pep Ventura(2000).

Center of Llefiá

Center of Lloreda

Center of Pep Ventura

The high degree of trust bestowed upon us by our customers, is summarized in an offer of treatment, service and quality products accessible to all audiences and budgets.

In those years, optometry Social Security was very poor and not everyone could afford a visit private eye. As an example, in Principal Optics, thanks to the innovative technology at the time of objective Streak retinoscopy, we could determine precisely ametropia, easy and free.

Our concern about new technologies, trends and development, sparked the interest of MultiOpticas , No. 1 cooperative optical services to which we joined in 2003.

The fruit of this union, MultiOpticas Principal, brings the best main character Optics (close, attentive service, design, etc ...) with the advantages offered by a group of international (brand name, exclusive range of products offer innovative, etc ...).

Today in MultiOpticas Principal we have a remarkably skilled team capable of creating highly successful solutions to our customers and in the future will continue in the line of engagement, improving our offerings every day, as befits a group dedicated to service 5 stars *****;

A little about us

MultiOpticas Principal comprises a team of opticians, committed to eye health and the satisfaction of our users, which leads us to renew and continually improve both our services and our products.

We have over 30 years of experience in vision care. Our schools stand out for its design, comfortable and modern environment while presenting a comprehensive exhibition of products available to their customers.

Sensitive to the needs of society The latest study reports that about 80% of the population has visual defects, which is negatively affecting school performance, social or occupational functioning. We therefore encourage our clients and emphasize the importance of regular reviews, AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR.

Customer satisfaction excellence today is necessary to provide the best service at competitive prices. In Home MultiOpticas know and therefore we are prepared for the future. We offer best quality at competitive prices, taking the opportunity to make the best choice advised by our professionals. In MultiOpticas Principal have always the best solution because we know that natural is to see well.